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Smartphone Addiction can be fought back this way

Smartphone Addiction can be fought back this way

Smartphone usage is one of the most growing addictions of the recent past, in everyone’s life. We’ve got used to Smartphone Addiction so bad that it would be almost impossible to even imagine to get through life as we know it without Smartphones.

Not a day goes by that we don’t use them for some of the other reason. But it’s not that we don’t do something about it. We’ve tried our ways to push back the habit that turned into consuming addiction. Some of those ways include asking one of your friends/relatives to take your phone into their possession or hide it and not return it until a day or two.

We’ve probably even practiced some form of meditation that supposedly beats this smartphone addiction as claimed by some Zen Master.

Either way, nothing quite works.

But now, the solution to salvage you from this seemingly unavoidable smartphone addiction comes in the form of 4 smartphone apps, ironically enough.

Before we start saying anything about it, let’s actually take a read and see what and how these apps help you with smartphone addiction.

FOREST (Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox)

This app works in the way that it tests the limits of your patience by involving you in a simple task.

Whenever you want to focus on work without cheating yourself into using the phone, you need to open the Forest app. Once you open the forest app, you’ll automatically plant a tree. And then, you will be required to leave the app on for the next 30 minutes without operating on the phone in any way.

The more you leave the smartphone without using it, the more the plant will grow.

If you leave the app on for 30 minutes, the plant will mature into a tree and so on and so forth.

But if use the smartphone during this period, or if you close the Forest app, the plant will die.

So, it’s more or less like a game, where the only move you make is leaving the app on.

unnamedCHECKY (Android, iOS)

You might have had been subjected to your parents’ verbal wrath for your smartphone addiction and some of that scolding might have even gone on to make you actually feel guilty or ponder about it.

Such is the nature of enlightenment or peer pressure or people’s judgment about you.

Well, that is exactly what Checky app does.

It shoves in your face the number of times you’ve checked your smartphone on that day.

So, the rest of the job (the bigger part) is yours to do. The numbers should stop you from using a smartphone. You can set a psychological limit for yourself, where you’re not supposed to check your phone for more than a particular number of times.

It even lets you compare the results with your friends’. So, that way you can compete with your friends, and whoever checks the phone maximum number of times would have to pay the restaurant bill or something. You know what it is.


Productivity Challenge Timer app is a more comprehensive and sophisticated one compared to Checky or Forest apps to beat smartphone addiction.

If you’re one of those guys who needs constant underpinning or motivation, then Productivity Challenge Timer is your best bet.

It works as a timer, of course, but it also mocks you, admonishes you for the amount of laziness it senses in you using its timer. For a set amount of time, it keeps track of your work and ranks you with taunting remarks.

You’ll get the hang of it, once you start using it

FREEDOM (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

Freedom works like a smartphone addiction 101 tools. It asks you for a list of sites you want to block. And it lets you do the blocking in a scheduled way. You can set the time for when you can access it.

It works across many platforms and thus syncs your blocked-sites list settings on various devices you use. But some of the features to curb smartphone addiction require a paid account.

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