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View password for saved WiFi on your Android

View password for saved WiFi on your Android

How many times did you not experience the tech hurdle wherein you could easily/ automatically log in to a familiar WiFi network that you once logged into before and now you cannot view password for that network even if you wanted to?

Android phones are particularly stringent this way. Android phones do not allow for viewing of saved passwords for WiFi networks.

But there’s always a way to find your way around and get what you want.

But before that, in order to get the job done, note that your phone must be rooted for it to enable the WiFi password viewing feature. It is also important to understand that what we are going to learn now will only be applicable to view the SAVED WiFi network connection.

Meaning, you can try this method to view password for a WiFi network that you have already logged into/ accessed in the past. And so, it is not meant for viewing passwords of new/ unknown WiFi networks. Else, this post would be chicanery.

THE FIX TO ANDROID’S WiFi PASSWORD HIDING: As with most of the other Android tricks and hacks, we will be using two apps dedicated to working exclusively for making the saved WiFi passwords visible.

  • WiFi Key Recovery is an Android app you can find on PlayStore. Although it’s been updated ages ago and lacks the touch of modern usage experience, this app should do. Other than it’s outdated user-experience, everything else is taken care of.

If and when you want to know certain WiFi network’s password, this app allows you to do that by asking you for that WiFi network’s SSID. SSID is the WiFi network’s name.

It can also show a complete list of all the save WiFi networks on your phone along with their passwords. It looks something like this.

To view password for all the save WiFi networks, just check the PSK field for various networks.

  • WiFi passwords: Next, we have the app that can be pretty appealing to the general audience. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have the proper fan base that you would expect for such an app.

So if you ever have to check/ share the saved WiFi networks’ passwords, you could just take the screenshot of the list of saved WiFi passwords that these 2 apps can provide.

But if the list is too long, then these apps also have additional built in sharing options.

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