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Facebook trick lets you play chess while chatting

Facebook trick lets you play chess while chatting

Some of them worth mentioning are Sharing of your Location, Sending GIFs, Being able to use Facebook Messenger even after you deactivate a Facebook account, Video calling, Opening apps like Flipboard, Doodle from within Facebook Messenger etc.

All of these have come to light in recent times. And now, Facebook throws in another fun feature into the mix.

This Facebook trick gives us the game that is more popular and indulging than any other sport: The Game of Chess.

You heard it right. You can now use this new Facebook trick to play a chess game with any person you are chatting with.

This comes without having to install any other app. It’s a built-in feature.


  • As you would imagine, you need to type in a command in the conversation that you are currently in.

Type ” @fbchess play ” to initiate a chess game, which will appear as given below.

  • The game doesn’t work as a drag and drop mode. You will have to type in commands for every move you want to make.
  • How to move pawns: If it is your turn and you want to move one of your pawns, type ” @fbchess a3 “. This would move the leftmost white pawn in the above picture one square forward.

Similarly, every other pawn can be moved by typing the vertical and horizontal specification of the target/desired position.

  • How to move pieces other than pawns: But the same command doesn’t apply for other more important chess pieces. Following are the commands you need to type for other pieces.

Use B for “Bishop”

R for “Rook”

Q for “Queen”

K for “King”

N for “Knight”

P for “Pawn”

  • As to how exactly you will be able to attack the opponent’s piece with yours, is a little more complicated. Which is why there’s another command to help you with the instructions of the game.

@fbchess help

  • How to choose sides beforehand: Type in the command ” @fbchess play white ” or ” @fbchess play black “, if you want to start from the White side or Black side respectively.
  • How to undo a move: It’s pretty common to make a wrong move in the flurry of the moment, but Facebook’s got you covered in this regard too.

Type ” @fbchess undo ” to take back your previous move.

Other such moves or attacks will be understood if you take a closer look at the game enabled by the Facebook trick, by playing it at first hand experience.

Now, does this mean that you won’t be able to do anything else in the conversation until the chess game ends? No.

You can still chat with your friend while the game is in progress using this Facebook trick.


This new Facebook trick that sets you up for a chess game, works on the Facebook’s standard website(from the Home screen), Facebook’s messaging page and even on Facebook messenger, which is pretty obvious.


When you first read the title of this article, you might have thought that it’s obviously going to be a touch screen game where you could move the chess pieces across the table to wherever you want it.

But, this is where Facebook fails to deliver.

You will have to type commands for every move, and every move thus made will create a new picture of the modified chess table.

So, that means, if you’re worried about spending your data economically, Facebook’s chess game might thwart those plans of yours, as it downloads new chess table images every time you make a move.

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