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Raspberry Pi 3 comes with WiFi and Bluetooth

Raspberry Pi 3 comes with WiFi and Bluetooth

With Raspberry Pi 2’s release that took place in February 2015, Raspberry Pi 3 ‘s debut today on 29th February marks the second major upgrade in a period of almost a year. This, of course, comes on the occasion of the Raspberry Pi team’s 4th Birthday.

The New addition to the Raspberry Pi family, comes off as a dark horse, given the fact that its dimensions are about those of a Credit card and that its cost is same as its predecessor, but still doesn’t fail to deliver the all-important and much anticipated improvements like the inclusion of WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth, and also a 1.2 GHz Quad Core Cortex Processor, which is pretty admirable.

The Raspberry Pi team has recently boasted itself in its blog post saying that 8 million units ever since it first started out with the original Raspberry Pi Model B exactly 4 years ago today on 29th February.


Although the price tag on both these products might show the same $35 numbers, Raspberry Pi 3 is significantly faster, about 50-60% more faster in 32 bit mode.

In terms of CPU performance, Raspberry Pi 3 ‘s quad core processor is ten times better than that of Raspberry Pi 2’s single core.


  • RAM : 1 GB (like before)
  • OS : Runs Linux Operating system or Windows 10, after booting from Micro SD Card.
  • WiFi : 802.11n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth : 4.1 Bluetooth Classic and LE.
  • Processor : 1.2GHz Quad-Core Broadcom BCM2387 ARM Cortex-A53
  • Graphics : Raspberry Pi 3 sees an upgrade from 250 MHz to 450 MHz dual core video core IV
  • Connectivity : Ethernet Connectivity stands at 100 Mbps.
  • Video Standard : Upgrade from 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second supporting 1080p
  • Sports a Micro SD slot
  • Compatible with both Raspberry 1 and 2.
  • Dimensions :  About the size of a credit card.


Raspberry Pi will be unveiling and distributing the units of Raspberry Pi BCM2837-based Compute Module 3 in the near future. Raspberry Pi BCM2837-based Module is reported to be an even smaller product but without the WiFi connectivity.

However, the 1.2GHz quad core Cortex processor and 1 GB RAM will remain the same.

The Raspberry Pi 3 which saw its official release this Monday, answered some of the customers’ questions in its official blog.


Are you discontinuing earlier Raspberry Pi models?

No. We have a lot of industrial customers who will want to stick with Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 for the time being. We’ll keep building these models for as long as there’s demand. Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B will continue to sell for $25 and $35 respectively.

What about Model A+?

Model A+ continues to be the $20 entry-level Raspberry Pi for the time being. We do expect to produce a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A, with the Model A+ form factor, during 2016.

What about the Compute Module?

We expect to introduce a BCM2837-based Compute Module 3 in the next few months. We’ll be demoing Compute Module 3 at our partners’ launch events this morning.

Are you still using VideoCore?

Yes. VideoCore IV 3D is the only publicly documented 3D graphics core for ARM-based SoCs, and we want to make Raspberry Pi more open over time, not less. BCM2837 runs most of the VideoCore IV subsystem at 400MHz and the 3D core at 300MHz (versus 250MHz for earlier devices).

Where does the “10x performance” figure come from?

10x is a typical figure for a multi-threaded CPU benchmark like SysBench. Real-world applications will see a performance increase of between 2.5x (for single-threaded applications) and >20x (for NEON-enabled video codecs).


Raspberry Pi 3 is available for sale via its partners element14 and RS Components.

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